white bull

  1. B

    White men bulls are better

    I saw a few movies online with white bulls, but it is really rare. It seems they fuck much better than black bulls....
  2. freys

    White athletic bull from Bulgaria :)

    Im white bull from Bulgaria Burgas :) my favorite position is doggie :P I like to have sex more than once time at once 18 cm :)
  3. Da Bootay Man

    What's your preception of a black cuck?

    I've watch my Gf get fucked in front of me and I for one enjoy it as a black male. I haven't ran into to many black cucks but I know their out there. Who want to fuck this???
  4. BlackHotWife

    Caramel Blk Cougar Wants White Cuck Hubby

    Hi Everyone! I'm from the east coast, NJ/NY border, and I'm here because I absolutely *love* the cuckold lifestyle. I'm solidly full figured, hourglass shape, F cup and ass for days. I am a mature corporate professional with no baggage, truly single, but missing the one thing I crave most: a...
  5. T

    White Bulls and Black Women

  6. M

    I'm a black husband with a big tit black wife that fucks White Men ONLY!

    its such bullshit that white guys aren't hung. We have no problem finding white masters with huge fucking Dick's. The biggest was a guy we met in DC at Union Station. He is from Germany. Nicely built but Michele dropped to her knees as soon as he unzipped in our hotel room. He was semi erect. 9...