1. B

    When in vacation, do you simply let black men approach you or do make the move on them?

    Genuine curiosity question. We never went on a vacation to a country where the majority of the population is black. Do you simply wait for black men to approach you (maybe trying to lure them by using a bikini thong?) or you do you actively try to flirt with them and go from there? Which of...
  2. Carla4bbc

    My husband get *******...soo...

    Firstable sorry for my English. I'm Latina. , We were on vacations, at a party, my husband get ******* He lost himself, i couldn't found him for around 20 minutes, we didn't know any body at the party, and there it was this elegant big black man that was watching me all the night, I was extremely...
  3. B

    I'm here to please you whenever you are in Cape Town

    I'm well traveled, professional, post graduate will an excellent sense of humour. I'm looking for women interested in exotic flavors and keen to let loose while on vacation.