1. M

    Let us know where we should go.Looking for vacation

    Looking for spend time for a nice vacation for finding couples and just enough
  2. J

    Seeing advice as wannabe husband…

    Hi, I am new to this. I love the idea of seeing my wife with others. She is unaware and I want to explore this area while on vacation in Caribbean… any ideas, suggestions… this excites me a lot…
  3. N

    Bull taking vacation with couple

    One of fav couple always take me with them to their vacations . Camping, beach vacations ,trekking . The feel that i am best companion for them in sex , party. Vacations . I have developed a bondwith tbis couple beyond sex .. How many of the bulls get invited by the couples for vacations and...
  4. Ready for play

    Ready for play

  5. westindiandick

    Holidays In Guadeloupe From Boston Florida(FLL,MIA); NYC(JFK); Oslo; Copenhagen...Very Cheap!!!

    #Update 07-03-17 Hi all, if you want to visit my island next winter, there're Norwegian which flight to Guadeloupe from cities I wrote in the subject. So, all BBC lover( Couples and Hotwives) who wanna come for their holidays are welcome. My home is open for you. Only need to buy...