1. J

    Should i go for it?

    Hi everyone, i finally met a women who wants to cuckold me and feminize me .. I've known her for a year now and we builded a well bond together online and by videocalls, so after a few months i admitted my feelings towards her and my fantasy's and she wanted to become my hotwife but only if i...
  2. Q

    Wannabe cuck NJ

    Well, my history with cuckolding and FLR is complicated, but I’ve come to the realization that my 5.5” dicklet is never going to be enough and has been why my ex’s have all treated me like a little pussy-whipped bitch wrapped around their fingers. Now, my wife does participate very minorly in...
  3. devNino96

    Suche Beziehung zu einer dominanten Frau

    Ich bin Nino (20) und bin sehr devot. Ich bin aus NRW Oberhausen und suche eine junge domiante Frau aus meinem Umkreis, welche an einer realen Fetish-Beziehung Interesse hat. Ich suche eine langfristige und richtige Beziehung, mit dem Akzept dass sie die Herrin und ich ihr Sklave (später gerne...