1. KinkyCouple23

    Looking for fun this Sunday

    We are looking for anyone that wants to have some fun this Sunday. Bigger and thicker the better she says haha. Let us know. D and E
  2. A

    Threesome - is it good start?

    Hey, I want to get your opinions because horny cuck(wannabe) might not have clear vision. Context: Few months ago gf said something that she would try threesome (she had dp in mind), at first I said maybe but I’m not sure how I would feel. Later I started this conversation again and said her...
  3. Pittstagnvixen

    I want a fake hot wife of DL to play with

    I'm in an ethical non monogamous relationship, cool, open minded, no judgemental and get along with everyone. She doesn't care if I play safe. She doesn't always have the same needs as me and that's OK. I love interracial porn. It's so hot to me. I want to find a muse that enjoys it in the...
  4. What a Weekend!

    What a Weekend!

    In spite of my hangover headache, I got to enjoy a night out with these 2 ladies I met who lived in Hawthorne, NY last December! Unfortunately, the Snow Bunny was on the rag, so I couldn't get the cooch, but the sexy Chocolate Sundai was ready, willing & able to be an awesome hostess for Stanley!
  5. L

    I thought about my husband's proposal of a threesome.

    My husband planted a seed in my head about having a threesome. I thought about it for a while and I accepted with enthusiasm. I recently watched an interracial porn video between a Latina and a black person and I was very intrigued! My question is, where do we start? Is there a guideline on how...