1. Saszu

    Young BBC looking to sext

    Hey, came down with the flu but that doesn't mean I can't get hard. Took off of work, horny, and bored. Don't want to get anyone else sick so this is the next best thing. Looking to sext a gorgeous woman through snap or kik. HMU if interested. Help a sick man out
  2. ShareMyGf22

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    Looking for someone to text with my woman every now and then. She knows i love her chatting dirty so shes into it. Let me know.
  3. W

    "Screenshots of a text asking your wife about big cock or BBC"

    I do not consider myself a cuckold. I consider myself to be a husband with a hotwife. Does anyone have any screenshots of text between you and your wife talking about large cocks or BBC? Flirty text, breaking the ice text, asking your wife naughty questions text, etc...
  4. Anishnawbe1

    BBC in Toronto

    Looking foward to hearing from you
  5. Anishnawbe1


    Hello from toronto
  6. T

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    Hi everyone. I'm bisexual cuck and new here and looking for communication with bull. Ready for dialogue, showing naked photos of my yong (21 yo) wife, and humilinations. I hope you write me.
  7. bellnyc

    Text messages

    Texting fiance about bachelorette party She sent me her convo with friend
  8. bellnyc

    text messages

    good friends talking about the biggest she dick had ill ad pics of her later another story i asked if she's seen any of her friends fuck i ask her the next day to show me how thick they were
  9. bellnyc

    Gf to get friends to record

    just texting with my Gf about which of her friends know I let her cheat and which would record and take pictures of her cheating for me, apparently they have all witnessed her fucking. Im excited for whats to come when her friend moves back by us.