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    Open to let her and I jerk n suck you… we wana talk before hand we hope you host.. and pop her n my bbc cherrys ;) hope to talk more
  2. That's why white women are addicted to BBC! (16).mp4

    That's why white women are addicted to BBC! (16).mp4

  3. Vanilla, Vanilla, Chocolate

    Vanilla, Vanilla, Chocolate

    Getting in where I fit in. Lots of talking and moaning in a hotel on a Saturday night.
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    Treat my girlfriend like a bitch

    She is my girlfriend, she loves talking dirty and being treated like a bitch. Tell her what you would do with her pussy
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    Hi, recently found this place. I'm here to please in anyway, I'm from jamaica and would love some new friends and experiences. Private message, id love to do some pic tributes Here's a random pic for preview:
  8. Her fuck talk is Incredible

    Her fuck talk is Incredible

  9. cuckoldfan

    What Is The Sexiest/Nastiest Thing A Black Bull Has Told You During Your Orgasm?

    I'm a fan of Cuckolding and Black Bulls. I'm thinking of writing a book on it and wondered what the sexiest/nastiest thing a Black Bull has said (or something that you've said) to a woman just before or during her orgasm. One of my favorite things is when a bull whispers in her ear and talks...