1. SlickBic

    25M New to This

    Recently started exploring the dark side of Twitter. And now I'm here. Shy guy, kinda. Big , kinda . New to SoCal. Soo, hi
  2. RemoteCleanAstrangiacoral.mp4


    Thick veiny BBC
  3. VID_1496814604.mp4


    Nice and oily BBC
  4. Snapchat-1168270652.mp4


    Come see this in LA/OC area
  5. Snapchat-73133128.mp4


    A little cum
  6. AgedAlarmedJunco.mp4


    Jerking off my fat bbc
  7. QEIMfrSi.jpg


    What I'm also working with
  8. PeOLAJE.jpg


    I love to do some comparisons ;)
  9. Corebuilt

    SoCal BBC

    Hot and Horny on this 4th of July
  10. Who wants to play?

    Who wants to play?

    Hit me on Kik (same name)
  11. Ask me how’s it hanging...

    Ask me how’s it hanging...

    Low and to the right
  12. SoCal Bull

    SoCal Bull

  13. My Eyes - SecretPlayWife

    My Eyes - SecretPlayWife

    Taken while I was enjoying using my lips and tongue on a nice black cock
  14. Straight Throat Line - SecretPlayWife

    Straight Throat Line - SecretPlayWife

    I should have the guys make a line at the farthest point their cock extends down my throat :)
  15. MrGrandeur


    Who wants it?
  16. Arty909

    SoCal NSA

    Looking for NSA play date.Want single females,hotwife for some daytime/night time kink.Age 18+ race and body type not important.Experinced in lifestyle and not looking to play games or waste your time.Send a DM if interested
  17. 9inches


    In case you want to know.
  18. If you want to know how I’m hanging...

    If you want to know how I’m hanging...

    Kik me!
  19. SoCal BBC

    SoCal BBC

    Resting but ready
  20. MrGrandeur

    BBC in Los Angeles

    Message me if interested...