1. L

    Cuck me

    Make me your bitch
  2. IMG_20160922_032736.jpg


  3. Siii02

    (Ladies) The real difference between a small dick and a big dick

    We all know which reigns supreme, but what are the nuances of it all? How do they both feel in comparison and what makes bigger better? I'm personally 4 inches and have always heard big (black) cock is best, but haven't heard the ins and outs yet
  4. Sucking cock

    Sucking cock

    My girlfriend needs a BBC to suck! My small white one barely fills her mouth
  5. Dbunk111

    Inexperienced, looking to explore

    Do I, the wife, deserve to experience a bigger man? My husband says, yes, since he is the same size of the only other person I have been with
  6. curiousMartin


    i mean every guy has paper roll , please upload photo of your cock and paper roll. Who win this challenge? please comment who win and who not :happy::)