size queens

  1. Thebeast1094

    San Francisco NorCal Kinky encounters

    Welcome to San Francisco IR hookups (*Must have profile pic*) please be respectful to all members, no drama, any drama you will be blocked, must have profile pic. This room is for singles and couples living in the bay area, to mingle and get to know other like minded individuals, so you must...
  2. T

    snowbunny girlfriend

    Hey. I been talking to my girlfriend about possibly becoming a snowbunny and cuckolding me with bbc. But she's not into bbc as much as I thought she'd be. She says I'm "enough" and I'm just under 6".. any ideas on how to get her to be more of a size queen? And more specifically how to get her...
  3. AA7F3E04-EEF9-4419-BCE0-55B9F7A501A0.jpeg


    My thick BBC
  4. DomSlutsharer


    Experienced non-conventional wifesharer with bi-cuck fetish is looking for a mature (40 - ?) hotwife, slut-4-black, Queen of Spades a n d cuckoldress. Newbie or lady with (first?) experiences as BBC-cougar, size queen, insatiable cum-slut, GB goddess, open for relationships wifesharer/hotwife...
  5. S

    Girth Queens: White Women taking & loving THICK FAT GIRTHY Black Cock (BBC)

    Is there anything better than seeing a thick girthy fat black meaty cock pulling those white pussy lips apart, yanking them in and out on every stroke, filling up her entire mouth and lips?! Sara Jay Alia Janine...
  6. L

    Looking for uk bull, she's a size queen!

    My wife with her huge black dildo. Hot blonde wife looking for a big black bull to sort her out in the bedroom while her hubby watches.
  7. Littlemisssizeq

    Hi,fit petite hotwife just found this place! Come say hi

    Hi, Petite fit hot wife looking for the biggest and best bbc. Loving husband who encourages me to be myself (a greedy girl).I just love big Bulls. After my first experience I just can't get enough. Please say hi.
  8. W


    for her white pussy...
  9. G

    Size and Capture

    Ladies catch wind of me or see me in public and ask me how big I am . I can honestly say I have never done it ...I feel it's irrelevant. However I will grab an inaddiment object and reference it . For example I know I'm the length and wIdth of a air fresher can. I also know it's as heavy as...
  10. G


    It's quite a chore being a black man . It's A welcomed burden honestly . However very few know the trials and rigors of being well endowed or blessed. One problem I have specifically is sitting down to do number 2 and I end up in the water. I literally have to rest it ony leg or hold it...