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  1. Kyle Rayner

    Horny for white sissy fem boys

    If any fem sissy’s out there want to show off their fem sissy bodies to me do it now.... make this daddy excited ;-)
  2. C

    How get i my GF(19) blacked?

    How can i get my GF blacked? The Guide doesn´t work but she like now the big dicks. But she won´t cage or cuckold me and won´t fuck a bbc :/. Any Ideas?
  3. C

    Suche BBC in Schleswig-Holstein

    Suche einen Black der mir die Boypussy fickt und füllt. Gerne auch mehrere.
  4. K

    BBC cult worship nc

    sissy male; anyone know of any bbc cults or perhaps interested in starting one?
  5. lilwhitesissy1

    White boys for BBC

    Society getting more and more receptive for white boys and man to be themselves. More and more trying to look pretty and make Black Man like us, just a little bit.
  6. Mr MiracleBBC

    Pimping Wife

    I've recently been approached a submissive white cuck about not only fucking breeding his wife but also try and pimp her out for money. Now I've heard of this kind of thing before but I'm just taking a consensus... How many of you would let your bull pimp you out?
  7. SianWhiteXxx

    Sissy girl looking to make friends and daddy's ;)

    Heyyyy guys, My Names Sian I'm a sissy boy looking to make friends with my fellow girlies and black daddy's ;) I say sissy boy very loosely because I'm basically a girl. I dress up and think like a girl. I live for makeup, And going out with my girls <3 Also I'm pretty obsessed with black guys...
  8. Mr MiracleBBC

    Tampa FL DOM Bull

    Dom BBC with an 8 inch dick here in Tampa Florida looking for a couple that would like to be owned and dominated. I believe it's your responsibility as a white couple to serve black men and their dicks... would need a husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend who are committed to the...
  9. drain me white sluts

    drain me white sluts

    want to bred a white whore
  10. Jessiebbc

    I want my bf to suck a big black cock for me!!! but he wont...:(

    Someone should text him and make him a sissy bbc cock sucker. Make him crave big black cock like i do!!! that would be so much fun. Degrading him, humiliating him, turn him into my peronal black cock cuckold!!! haha so much fun. Lets see what you guys would say. The craziest message i will post...
  11. Q

    Is BBC so powerful it has the ability to turn a straight, masculine white man into a gay sissy?

    Keeping it basic on this post...true or false...Can BBC turn a straight, masculine white man into a gay sissy? I'm curious to hear what people think about the power of BBC and it's ability to turn otherwise straight masculine white men into submissive sissy sluts...
  12. gabby S


    i'm a dorky bi sexual boy who feels inferior to black men and only feel valuable when I am pleasing a strong confident Black man. i don't know if i'm in the right place or not. i'd love to chat.