public sex

  1. drippinpussy

    finally did it

    Yesterday evening hubby and I went to a bar in Prescott AZ, Whiskeyrow. Several have live music and they are fun. After our last adventure (the story is on here) I admitted to hubby that I could understand why he would love to see me fucked by another guy. Preferably a black one. Until know I...
  2. At the nudist camp!

    At the nudist camp!

    We were naked at a nudist camp in Croatia when three guys asked to take a picture with my wife, it was a big surpise when while posing they lifted her up opening her legs and one of them attempted to lick her pussy, she was totally awkward and horny even because there was lot of voyeurs around
  3. Bear77ar

    Getting it in public

    How many of you beautiful ladies have been fucked in public by your bull? In the club, at the bar, in a parking lot, wherever?
  4. James421

    Fucking your bull in public.

    We all have those moments when we're in public and we think "Damn, I wanna fuck here" What would you do to accomplish this, have you accomplished it before? How has it gone?
  5. Black guy gets head from white girl pt2

    Black guy gets head from white girl pt2

  6. holidays in martinique

    holidays in martinique

    he fuck my pussy !!
  7. CreamySweet

    My Alaska Cruise hook up fuck

    Ok so the basic story is my mom took me on a cruise to Alaska last year. My hubby stayed home with the kids. I have to tell you 90% of the passengers were like 100 years old - ok may not quite but damn close. Hubby told me to use a hall pass while on the cruise but my mom is super Christian...
  8. Jake&Virgie


    The phone rang at about was Emma, my girlfriend. All she said was, "I'm leaving now. Meet me at the gas station on the corner and bring "Dusty." Emma worked as a cocktail waitress at a seedy hotel-bar in Ehrenburg. Her clientele included bikers, drunks, gamblers, bookies, rodeo...