1. Saturday night fun

    Saturday night fun

    Finally got a night to have some fun, so she called me over and I gave it to her.
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    Sexy Tennessee slave taking taking all a niggas dick.
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  7. Kasey Grant

    Kasey Grant

    Kasey Grant is a Size Queen that got into porn for the big dicks. No cock is to big for her. yet another Slut that loves to be pounded. total whore for BBC see more of this Amazing Slut at SwingerChronicles.com and please support the cause and #Pay4YourPorn thanks you folks
  8. Fun For All

    Fun For All

    Hotwife with 2 new bulls
  9. BlacqGold

    blackman seeks black cock bimbo in Philadelphia

    Pretty self explanatory, Im looking for a white woman in or around the Philadelphia area 25-45 who doesn't mind being submissive to a black man and a willing sex object for a masculine blackman, this isn't just for sex (although a big part) I'm looking to make this a relationship.
  10. Q

    Midwest Couple Owned by 2 Kings

    Hi ya'll. We are a 39 and 49 year old white couple new to this forum. We have been on SLS and SZC for years but are tired of the same people and same clubs:-( We have moved from being a swinger couple to being exclusively a cuck couple owned by 2 amazing and beautiful strong, dark Real men. We...
  11. wettbbw1982

    couple looking to serve a huge bbc in ohio!!

    White couple from Ohio looking to be owned, punished.
  12. hercuckboi

    Are you a BBC in Chicago?

    White couple wanting to be owned in Chicago by BBC! Any buyers?
  13. cplwantblack

    New couple into black supremacy lifestyle (Canada,but can travel)

    Hello we are a couple 42 for her, 45 for him talking for a long time about the lifestyle of black supremacy. First wife was a bit reluctant not because she doesn't like black,because she was more conservative than me the husband,with time i convinced thats could be only benefits for our couple...
  14. open


  15. Samantha P

    Real Experience - Los Angeles

    Interestingly, I am being criticized for sharing some pretty extreme tastes and experiences in a place designed extreme tastes and experiences. I want to tell you about what happened when J came to LA, but...
  16. Samantha P

    Real Experience - My first time

    Hi everyone, After reading my account of my recent Real Experience (link below), I've been asked again and again how I met "J" aka "DCJ" and how it all happened in the beginning. I've told a few members and I'm gauging interest before I really set out to describe how it went down for me...
  17. ready for bbc 4

    ready for bbc 4

    i'd like to spread my legs and have some thing hard in front of my habby
  18. Marie N

    Finally found my Black Master

    After much searching and long talks with the Man who shall become my Black Master, i've finally found Him. Our first meeting is tonight and it proves to be one for the record books. As i see no reason to doubt His intention, i look forward to an evening of discipline, humility, service and...