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  1. Nancy


    Ex girl
  2. Nancy


    Ex girl
  3. jaybbc53

    Ladies what is the naughtiest thing you have done to get out of a situation or help someone out

    So ladies....have you ever been in a situation where you had to suck a cock to get out of a speed ticket, fuck someone to save your job, suck cock to get your son or daughter something they really want or need. Ladies share with us and don't hold back.
  4. columbusboy

    An extra special Happy Mother's Day to...

    This is a Happy Mother's Day to all the women of this site that have babies with men other than their cuckolds. A very special and extra Happy Mother's Day to you ladies.
  5. M

    Wonna say hello

    hi, my Name is Miriam, but call me miri. Just a short introduction: Born 1996 Mother of a 3 year old daugther (father is white and unknown - result of a party night - possible could be 3 guys. Not at once...) After birth i'm into bbc. I LOVE BBC! Want to become a true bbc bitch slut ... I'm...
  6. bethmwf4blackmen

    Seattle MWF seeks first black man

    MWF, 38 seeks her first black lover. Must be in the greater Seattle/Tacoma/Bremerton area. I prefer single men. Age is only a number to me. Personality and compatibility are more important to me than age. Be willing to be patient and flexible as this is all new for me. I am interested in...