1. AnnRGun

    Size queen looking in midlands UK [ignore]

    Location is Derby UK, would like to try an experienced BBC, especially something bigger than 8", which would be virgin territory for me. Experienced in the way that you won't just turn the evening into a pump n dump or just ram your cock painfully into my cervix for 20 minutes from first...
  2. Bigdaddymike9

    Midland tx

    Giving friend wife what she asked for. Contact me if your near me
  3. I

    Need 20-30 bbc in midlands

    We’re after a 20-30 year old bbc in fhe midlands for a cuckhokd session.
  4. J

    Any great clubs to get milf who like BBC in the midlands?

    Just want to see if there is any clubs that people have tried in the midlands that have lots of white wives who like BBC. Interested in knowing as I want to expand my experience.
  5. J


    Let's show what the Midlands is about. Anyone from the midland looking for a bull post your area and let's cuck these sissy husbands !!!
  6. Purefilth99


    Hi people. Looking to chat people from the uk. Come and say hello. It would be rude not to.
  7. M


    I'm in the UK Coventry looking to swap trade some pics of my current gf & some exs have few videos too. Preferably with others from Coventry or close. I use kik let me know :)