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    @[143799:@BlackInLA] You don’t even need the leash to bring me to heel.
  2. Teaser: "PAWG's Best Friend" (Jamie Wolf + Vicki Verona)

    Teaser: "PAWG's Best Friend" (Jamie Wolf + Vicki Verona)

    Vicki Verona is a certified sexual-assistance PAWG who's well trained in fetching BBC. Watch this loyal companion do her job and take Jamie Wolf's 9 Inch stick to the face and pussy in this howl-worthy scene!
  3. Leash Freaks

    Leash Freaks

    She's bitchy with you but with me she "different "
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    A good time
  6. Angelyn

    Angelyn’s Article: The difference between male and female fantasies

    Angelyn’s Article: The difference between male and female fantasies Hello everyone I have been lurking for a while, with minimum posting. But now I feel like posting some of my thoughts. Brief intro of myself: female, slim-mish without being outright skinny, small breasts and butt, holding...
  7. Bbc anal

    Bbc anal

  8. Leash girl BJ

    Leash girl BJ

    Leash girl BJ
  9. Locked & secure

    Locked & secure

    The Black Cock loving white whore has her leather collar locked and secure, black leather leash attached, and won't be released until she's drained every Black of his potent seed; grab the leash, make her crawl around, providing service to all the Bulls!
  10. Good doggy

    Good doggy

    On her hands and knees like a bitch in heat the sleazy white tramp braces for a Black Fucking of her cunt and ass, grab the black leather leash and hold on!
  11. Fingering her cunt

    Fingering her cunt

    Submissive white bitch fingers her black fuck meat making sure it's nice and wet for the Bulls who'll be wearing it out.
  12. Black Cock Only

    Black Cock Only

    Sleazy white bitch spreads her cunt lips eagerly anticipating a Hard Black Fucking!
  13. Go for a walk?

    Go for a walk?

    She's smiling because this submissive white slut, udders hanging down, knows there is some Dominant Black Bull out there that would gladly parade her around.
  14. Tit offering

    Tit offering

    Collared and leashed the white tramp offers up her massive 40D tits to any and all Blacks who want to handle and play with her fun bags.
  15. Ready & waiting

    Ready & waiting

    Big tit mature white whore wearing her collar, QofS pendant and chain leash is ready and waiting for a Black Bull to take control
  16. lildicwhtboi

    collars and leashes

    not fond of full on bondage when it comes to interracial sex. however i do love a beautiful white girl in a collar and leash!