1. xpsit

    Looking for interracial south Africa juberg midrand

    Am black African Malawian based in south Africa am looking for BBC couples hook up am straight and naughty,what you see is what you will have
  2. D

    Pounding Fest

    Where are the bbc craving ladies at, daddy need to pound tight pussies out
  3. bm_from_southjersey

    Smells Like "TEAM" Spirit

    I've been thinking about creating a thread like this for a bit, given that I have sprinkled pictures of women wearing various sports teams regalia across many different threads. I think that I speak for a lot of guys who are sports fans, that they really appreciate a woman who loves sports...
  4. xpsit


    Desperate to find a woman who can like what' i have to make me her bf here down africa any ladies out there am 35yrs from africa 9
  5. Rashaad

    Shape or Size....or Both is nice

    I have a question for the Ladies on this when looking at dick....what attracts you? Is it primarily size based? Or do are you attracted to a guy's shape? Or does both play a factor to you? This is just me asking out of curiousity because I hear I have great shape.....and my size is...