1. snoogaloo82

    Going on 6 weeks

    Hello one and all, this is Marion and Rik. We're a bi-racial couple. She's from Kenya, and he's from the state of Oregon on the west coast of the US. We met on an online pen pal site. We started out like any other pen pal talking about our pets and such. Things got more and more intimate and...
  2. S

    If a woman travels to Kenya "alone" and without her husband...

    Serious question. A work colleague, 40+ years old, whose girl, about 20 years old, is going to Kenya for six months. Allegedly to a village for "reconstruction aid" and so on. The colleague is going to fly there for a few weeks to visit her girl. She is married, attractive and well-behaved (at...
  3. 4_5895452881368125189.mp4


    White chubby milf came to kenya for some good bbc. My friend just had to pound it.
  4. Pinacolada

    Africans in Southern California?

    Are there any African men in Southern California or 1st generation Americans from African families in Southern California? We would love to learn more about your culture and become friends with extra benefits!
  5. AfricanWarrior

    BBC in Nairobi

    Nigerian living in Nairobi here. Drop me a message if you're looking for some fun! Will be in Port Elizabeth in January and in the UK in March next year. White girls only of course. ;)