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  1. HollyWorny

    Best European City to Find a Bull

    Hey All, So, we are looking for a short break in Europe with a twist (a big black twist) Can any other cuckold couples recommended any good cities in Europe (not Amsterdam - too many visits) that they have visited which are great for the cuckold scene (finding attractive black men). ❤️
  2. NaughtyGuySF

    Anyone in the Bay Area over Thanksgiving Holiday?

    Hey. Bull here. Looking for excitement over the holiday weekend. Lots of time. Anyone around? SF Bay Area? Hit me up if so.
  3. inkedangels

    Accommodation for holiday.?

    We are looking for a BBC who would be willing to accommodate us for duration of our holiday either in the Caribbean or African countries, would love to visit Jamaica or surrounding islands or an African country. You get to fuck and own wife, we get free accommodation.
  4. GiulyIta


    here you can post and have a look to some free pics with no copyright of interracial holidays.... white girls and women enjoying their holidays with their black friends (and maybe with their boyfriend or husband as well)
  5. Will Owen


    Hi, new here but my wife and I are looking for the best caribbean holiday where we can explore her BBC and my cuck desires. Does anyone have any suggestions or is there anyone on here who would show us around?
  6. MisterPussyPleaser

    Show me those Valentine's Day poses!

    Show us what Victoria Secret you're wearing for Valentines.