hips and ass

  1. QOS tatt

    QOS tatt

  2. Phat white ass

    Phat white ass

    Her big jiggly ass is begging for black cocks
  3. AHandful.jpeg


    Love when you squeeze my ass and hips @BlackForWives. And what comes next!
  4. Pear shaped, Tiny waist, Wide hips

    Pear shaped, Tiny waist, Wide hips

  5. 264C6A67-49C1-47C9-B0C6-46B08E5043DB.jpeg


    Husband thought it was cute seeing my underwear through my pants.
  6. face down, ass up

    face down, ass up

  7. Overture.jpeg


    @BlackInLA We do seem to end up in this position a lot. And to think I used to not like my love handles...
  8. GrabOn.jpeg


    @BlackInLA You did once say my hips were made for doggy (actually the first time we met).
  9. DSC_7285_lznf.jpg


  10. Masterloxxx2017

    my preference of white girls

    to each their own.. as for me i like my white women with more of a yoga booty..not too poked out and big hips with the sexy square box shape...hips are more my things sometimes i wish more white wives would have more confidence and approach a black guy more cause i am def not into the big poked...