high sex drive

  1. Chugun9

    BBC in Chicago/Indiana consent hookup

    Bull looking to get something consistent. Either you with me and we enjoy ourselves everynight or let ya wife enjoy her time with me.
  2. IMG_20170813_194757.jpg


    Fertile broodmare Interesting, that I have alt speaking tone, but when I'm screaming during orgasms, I used to reach soprano level.
  3. M

    BBC for married petite

    Hello, so me and my wife have been together for nearly 10 years. Sex has been wonderful as we both make passionate majority of the time. However, recently I feel we need a little spicing in our sex lives. One day, i was looking for a few documents and i came across her underwear drawer and to my...
  4. Louise and Alex

    Louise and Alex

  5. chillbbc951

    cali bbc looking to travel

    I have a week off coming up and would love to travel to some close states and meet some real genuine people. Willing to meet serious couples or woman ? I am in California southern California to be exact near Temecula. If u are local and within 45 min driving let chat. Otherwise any out of town...