hello thread

  1. S

    Fuck it

    Hey everyone! When I was 19, I went to a party and met this couple. Long story short, he asked me to have sex with his wife, and of course I said yes. Wasn't aware of forums and websites like this so I thought I'd join up, share stories, pictures or videos. Also, hopefully find some beautiful...
  2. Saccharine_Sam

    Missed everyone!!

    Haven't been on in a while ❤️♠️
  3. Asiandee

    Ok asiandee is holding out on you

    So I thank you for the pics to cell she loved it but still does the wishy washy I ask for help I read the steps , don't feed the hungry pussy , show lots of cockold porn , etc that's where you can help yourselves , guys I ask to send any and all pics, or whatever you think to help to have a...


    Hi I'm Chuck Nice meeting you *bows* Hope everyone is doing well