1. The 22 Long Rifle at beach

    The 22 Long Rifle at beach

    Ready to be ride by a white rump
  2. westindiandick

    Touristic season in French West Indies is c(um)oming!!

    From end of october 2K17 to end of march 2K18, high season about tourism will comin in Guadeloupe(French Island in Caribbean Sea). You can be my guest during this time...All inclusive house and car allowed. Right occasion to meet a master BBC about cuckolding with high experience. Direct...
  3. westindiandick

    Holidays In Guadeloupe From Boston Florida(FLL,MIA); NYC(JFK); Oslo; Copenhagen...Very Cheap!!!

    #Update 07-03-17 Hi all, if you want to visit my island next winter, there're Norwegian which flight to Guadeloupe from cities I wrote in the subject. So, all BBC lover( Couples and Hotwives) who wanna come for their holidays are welcome. My home is open for you. Only need to buy...
  4. westindiandick

    Holidays In French Caribbean Island...Guadeloupe

    Hello everyone, I just finished completing my profile. I currently reside in Guadeloupe after few years in Metropolitan France. Those (couples and women) who would have holiday plans are welcome. I can help you find what you need in terms of accommodation and rental car. For the more...
  5. westindiandick

    BBC En Guadeloupe

    Bonjour tout le monde, je viens de finir de compléter mon profil, je réside actuellement en Guadeloupe après quelques années passées en métropole. Ceux(couples et femmes) qui auraient des projets de vacances sont les bienvenus. Je peux vous aider à trouver ce qu'il faut sur place en matière de...