1. Akiko

    Your favorite snacks

    Hello, today I want to make a thread about your favorite snacks that you eat while browsing this website or just in general. It can be something really basic and simple that you can buy everywhere to your special cookies recipe from your lovely grandma. It does not matter if its good its good...


    She wanted the moment of her cummin in my mouth on video.... never knew 59 year old pussy could taste so damn good. Very surprised by my new regular....yummmm!
  3. GILF QOS pt.3

    GILF QOS pt.3

    Husband let me come by and RAIL his wife, while he watched from work. 59 years young... AWESOME MEET!
  4. G

    Looking for Mature (50+) Oral Freak near Lawrenceville, Ga

    I'm looking for an experienced mature (50+) Oral Freak to meet up with on the regular. A woman who prefers sucking cocks to having sex, and can actually get off from it. It takes me a long time to cum so if you like long hot sessions then that's a plus too.
  5. Pammy grinding her big ass to orgasm

    Pammy grinding her big ass to orgasm

    Old couple 69 each other to orgasm
  6. Pammy huge hairy pussy

    Pammy huge hairy pussy

  7. Ciekawski

    Grandmother having fun😈

    Sexual relationships of young black men with white women over the age of 60. Doesn't age matter?
  8. 58 YEAR OLD - BJ

    58 YEAR OLD - BJ

    GRANNY CAME BACK FOR MORE!!!! Have not seen her in about 2 months but she was off work all week and wanted to suck some good black dick last night. We got some good shots.... I love using this old mouth along with that seasoned pussy... more to cum... LITERALLY. Anyone need cock?
  9. Gushing Grandma

    Gushing Grandma

    This thick, 48yr old, plus size Queen invited me over for some morning fun


    Husband watching and taking pics as I plow is 56 year old GILF wife. Shes full of cum, and loves black cock. If you are in Kentucky... I can get you a night with her. Give me a holler. Came all up in that granny pussy
  11. a02218b8-900f-4d7c-9923-1fa3daacb78e.png


  12. B

    Still on the search for an older woman

    I really love nothing more than to screw the brains of a 60+ white woman out right now. I know it's scarce for the website here in Atlanta but are there any single women, wives, or couples that are retired and love bbc? Ifso please leaves some pics and where you're from, if you're within...
  13. The time I fucked my ex’s 56 year old aunt. ???

    The time I fucked my ex’s 56 year old aunt. ???

    She’s been messaging me on social media for months. Constantly saying sexual things until she got up the nerve to ask me to come over. Well I did, and I pulled her panties to the side and came in her pussy.
  14. syscom3

    In praise of older woman

    This is my favorite. Seeing nice looking young woman getting blacked is always nice to see. For me, its a woman past her prime that is a thing of beauty. Whether its a body that's had a baby or two. Or natural aging, it doesn't matter. These are woman I enjoy looking at. The woman in my age...