1. S

    Wife is ready to be seduce in Tacoma

    My birthday is coming up in a couple months and I would love to have a bull come flirt and try to seduce my wife. We currently don’t have any plans but thinking about getting a hotel room at the muckleshoots or EQC or possibly go back to Ruston way (we had a good time there for our anniversary)...
  2. DIRTY Talk for BBC Lovers

    DIRTY Talk for BBC Lovers

    Some juicy content for those that crave chocolate
  3. S

    help seduce my wife

    I told my wife last night I thought it would be fun to go to a bar separate so I could watch guys flirt with her or maybe have a stranger watch us have sex (preferably bbc so she could see a huge cock). she said she would have to think about it, so it has me excited today that she didn't...
  4. Harry007

    How should a new interracial couple to flirt ?

    Before the intercourse, the moment of the flirt is decisive. This is the time when bodies and temperaments are discovered. Do you think the woman should wear special attire (as no undies, or ...) to date ? Or do you think that the interracial flirt should always be in the nude, even if it is the...
  5. Cute Giggling.JPG

    Cute Giggling.JPG

    I love it when she has fun with him and they share an intimate moment.
  6. S

    Flirting with your wife over Whatsapp

    First of all: im not black. But white (18cm). I will send you pictures by PM You wanna know if your GF/wife is open to cuckolding? Or she already is and you want me to seduce her over whatsapp? Send me a PM. Im 30. Athletic and dominant.
  7. ShareMyGf22

    Bbc to text with my lady

    Looking for someone to text with my woman every now and then. She knows i love her chatting dirty so shes into it. Let me know.
  8. MisterPussyPleaser

    Did she know what she was doing?

    I went to work on a CPU in a mgr room. This chick kept coming in and bending over in front of me, wearing tight and fitted jeans and short sweater. Was she on it or not? I'm clueless. Lol