1. amiens88

    Who is in Paris this sunday !

    Is there any lady in Paris available this sunday , i have one day then i ll be leaving monday morning … any horny lady or any cuck can contact me !
  2. O

    Curious Bulls in Orlando?

    Hi! New to the site. Her (32F) and I (34M) are both strongly attracted to BBC men. She also has encouraged my new desire to dress femme (that’s me in the profile photo). Any bulls in the Orlando area looking for two play toys?
  3. Bacchanalia

    A Countess's Tales: Use and Discard

    For as long as I have been sexually active, white women have wanted me to use them. Years before becoming a Master of Eros, porcelain princesses prostrated themselves before me without even asking, requesting to be used, degraded, humiliated and discarded—to be pushed beyond the often mundane +...
  4. Bacchanalia

    Service Training for White Women

    I am Countess and welcome to Bacchanalia Academy of Alchemical Science + Service Training. Here, I train white women. While they reach heights of *******, I am reprogramming them from the decay that is white womanhood.
  5. micki

    So many new members

    I counted a hundred since the first of the year alone; very impressive. My first time here, thanks for putting it all together! Can't wait to explore...