1. J

    Cuckold is looking for his place in this life (real)

    I am submissive cuckold, looking for a serious relationship with hotwife It is extremely difficult to find the girl who can be interested in this) I see a relationship with a girl exactly like this: - who likes to cheat, and emotionally enjoys it. - who likes to humiliate a guy, both emotionally...
  2. Dont need weights to lift !

    Dont need weights to lift !

    I'm getting there, still growing !!
  3. S

    Free quest

    Hello everyone. What do we face every day? Similar days. Problems: at work, at home, in personal life, with health. Politics, price increases... STOP. I'M TIRED. Something needs to change. But how? I suggest you play the game. Quest. The game will add color to your gray days. For a while, you...
  4. QOS Tamer


    Ladies do you have a fantasy or thought/ idea that you think no guy would do to you or with you?
  5. Chuckshmuck

    Looking for extreme bull

    Looking for extreme bull use my wife for a few months in a sex dungeon or something similar or my house live with her for a few months bareback no bc seed and breed among many other fantasies.
  6. O

    How extreme are you?

    How extreme are you? How far will you go? How far will you even dare to imagine? Just to get an idea regarding the lovely people in this community Olease vote and substantiate in the comments ;)
  7. N

    Wealthy Single 27 y/o looking for a cuckoldress to humiliate him with BBC

    I am a crossdresser and very passable. I want a scenario where I have a psuedo wife that is black owned by a GIANT Black Well Endowed Man. I want you to verbally assault me as well as he humiliate me on my small cock. THIS IS FOR MONEY. I will pick out the outfit you will wear. We will stay...
  8. M

    transform me into slut

    Hello community, this is me 1st thread (well okey my 2nd - 1st was my introduction) Well i found that forum becuase i was on the search 4 some tattoo ideas, that mark me as BBC Slut. Would be hot if u have some good ideas. - and yes its totally okey if it is more extrem, then the classic ¨queen...

    Any cuck couples out there willing to pay reparations to their Master?

    Any very rich cuck couples willing to pay generous frequent reparations to their Master and relocate for him so he can breed wife and feminize the cuck?