1. G

    Dutch & Belgium Based Telegram Group

    Let's exchange groups with a good cuckold video. I only know this channel: https://t.me/privatePartyxxx If you have links to others, please share Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France Feel free to join
  2. M

    Muslim Guys White Girls - Sex Fest

    I was inspired by a thread I saw on here about Muslim guys and White “Christian” women…and it got me thinking about arranging an event for White woman wanting to get together with Muslim guys? This will take place in London or another cosmopolitan city at a private venue and it’ll be an...
  3. SementalNegro

    Chicago Event This is what you've all been asking for!!!

    This sunday, June 2nd at 8:00 p.m. until midnight, I'm hosting a 90's hip hop themed sex party based on the opening scene from the movie Belly! Featuring dmx, aaliyah, and nas. Black light, strobes, '90s hip hop, all in a space where sex is possible and encouraged. I've rented out an entire...
  4. Professional Personal Concierge

    Professional Personal Concierge

    How may I assist you ?
  5. C

    B2W Party

    Hey guys snd gals like the title suggest I’m throwing and B2W party/kickback and y’all are invited! I’ve thrown some before and they always go great, we have lots of fun and a crazy good time. At the same time I’m starting a kik group to let people know about upcoming meetups and parties. Dm me...
  6. rufuselknutz

    QOS Group/Party In Maryland!

    We started a new QOS party/group in Maryland. The name of the party is Interracial Fantasies! We have been doing events for well over 20 plus years now and we have already had about 4 successful IR events. The party is held at a 6 bedroom house in Maryland. We have a huge lounge/ meet and greet...
  7. E

    Partys / Veranstaltungen / Events

    Hallo Zusammen Sind auf der Suche nach Partys oder Veranstaltungen im deutschsprachigen Raum rund um den Lifestyle. Haben bisher nur Sachen in den USA oder Frankreich (z.B. Cap D'agde) gefunden. Lg ;) E & L
  8. DadeBigD

    Miami Art Basel and BBC Action

    As Art Basel is soon approaching the sunshine state of Miami, Florida so is the opportunity for adding some BBC Action to the equation. With the influx of models, designers and celebrity guests, adding some sexy meet ups here and there during your stay here in Miami will only add some sensual...
  9. G

    Colorado BBC Training Event

    It's seems someone should organize. Perhaps im that someone. Gathering BBC Bros and their admirers and the BBC curious. I'm a southerner relocating to the rockies. Looking to bring something hard to this place . Super cool location . Better environment.
  10. G

    The Denver Dick Down/ Colorado BBC Event

    It would seem the Rockies need a little assistance in opening up their ladies Hoerizans. It appears We have the tool to achieve filling said voids . August 25. A month from now . Me and like 5 of my Bull Bros will be running through Denver "running of the bulls" Exclusive Swank Location ...