1. waiting at the lobby

    waiting at the lobby

    waiting 4 BBC group
  2. Dressed to impress

    Dressed to impress

    My black daddy always tells me I can dress better. He was very excited when I bought this. PS: Follow my tumblr for more updates. Not many users on here!!! @Smackmybitchvp
  3. Dress to please

    Dress to please

    white slut and cucky hubby seeking only the best and largest black bulls
  4. O

    Dressed, undressed, FUCKING!

    I've seen many dressed undressed posts on this site How about we take it to the next level?? ;) Post your dressed picture, your undressed picture and a FUCKING picture :)
  5. 20170706_170117.jpg


    Dressed again. Weird, right? :P
  6. 15591687_1780761758841800_1502282879_n.jpg


    Dressed... for once...