1. snobunny314

    Which do you prefer?

    I'm a switch but I know what happens when I test a Bull :sex:
  2. f512f847-bbcb-4d7f-b68d-acd51e39536d.mp4


    Want to see cum
  3. Bigbamboo

    BBC slut traing for wife/hotwife

    Are you a bit shy or reserved about the lifestyle? Do you want to play and have fun with less inhibitions or fear? Have you dreamed of bring out your inner slut? Female sexuallity is purely mental and with the right stimulation and guidance any hot wife or slut can reach peaks beyond their...
  4. P


  5. Do u like the curve?

    Do u like the curve?

  6. ThisBull4U

    I'm Back in Michigan!!!!

    I'm back in my home town and I'm trying to find a couple or single woman who is interested and is ready and want something that can be an ongoing thing. Yes I will be sending out messages to those in Michigan and surrounding States and Canada who's willing to come to the United States. So let's...
  7. Chaoticmaster

    Charlotte, NC

    To whom it may concern, I'm a 27 year old Dom/bull. I'm looking for a FWB, sub/slave or just someone on the regular basis. I'm 5'9, thick 9", freak, love sex, I work at a hotel in SouthPark (if you ever stay here visiting or whatnot) and I'm open minded. Just hot me here and pm me
  8. D

    27jähriger Dom sucht Cuckold-Paar aus Niedersachsen

    Junger dominanter Mann mit großem Schwanz sucht nette devote Frau oder Cuckold-Paar aus Niedersachsen oder Umgebung. Ich habe bereits Erfahrung und will diese weiter ausbauen. Bitte meldet euch mit Bild von euch beiden bei mir. Mein Profil befindet sich noch im Aufbau, Bilder gibts daher nur...
  9. blkbull00

    35 Dom bull in los angeles

    Hello hot wives, couples and cucks. I've been on the site for awhile but never introduced myself so i'm doing it now. In the bedroom, I'm a dominant kinky, nasty, and rough or soft depending on the mood. I am 6'2, 210 lbs, black hair and brown eyes. I'm also have a 7 1/2 inch inch uncut...
  10. Mister0h

    New here and looking to connect in the NYC area!

    In my 30s. A corporate attorney. Nice guy, generous, curious. Things have gotten a bit boring in NYC. I want to kick things up a notch. I'm very interested in the scene. Love a white woman with the right curves who wants to please. Open to all arrangements. Pictures of my rock available on...
  11. MasterFW4

    Ladies and couples: What would you do with me?

    let me know if you would be interested in fucking me and how you would want to do it.
  12. Just some body shots ;)

    Just some body shots ;)

  13. Just some body shots ;)

    Just some body shots ;)

  14. Just some body shots ;)

    Just some body shots ;)

  15. Just some body shots ;)

    Just some body shots ;)

  16. Just some body shots ;)

    Just some body shots ;)

  17. Sam&Kay

    I told my bf I want a Dom

    Some day soon I too want a Dom in our relationship. I told my bf Sam at the very beginning having a Dom was something I absolutely want to have in our relationship, because well, though he's a Dom himself there are things that he just cannot master well by himself. Because his love for me seem...

    Looking For Black Dominant Lesbians or Bisexual Women

    Although I am officially a BBC addict but I still look for a sexy black dom lady either lesbian or bisexual to serve her, lick her asshole,her pussy and eat her cum. I am 100% bisexual and have only one experience with a black lady but would love to expand my horizon and meet more black women to...
  19. Image 2

    Image 2

  20. MrBBC420

    Doms: How to tell the real from the fake

    I see a lot of pussy chasers and abusers masquerading as Doms. I was a sub to a beautiful Dominant woman before I discovered my Dominant side, so I feel uniquely qualified to advise on this subject. All D/s relationships are different and there is no set way to be a Dom but these are some of...