1. Brownbro11

    St. Louis, Mo

    I'm a 47 year old, well traveled, distinguished, well educated, retired veteran black bull. Please take the time to view the "about me" section of my profile so that we don't have any misunderstanding. What I say is clearly what I'm looking for so you can make an educated choice before...
  2. Brownbro11

    Attention All Female Subs

    I'm a Master Dom looking for a few subs to train up. I've been in the lifestyle for a very long time and have trained several subs. Some have went on to become housewives and others career women but we still remain acquainted every so often. If you've been curious about the lifestyle or you find...
  3. When I’m in it I OWN it! Do you understand me?

    When I’m in it I OWN it! Do you understand me?

    This is how you treat a true bbc slut like AB. Not everyone can handle it
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  5. showingmyslut2

    Black Swingers / Dom Couples

    I've always heard that black swinger couples are rare unicorns, how true is that? Married Bulls, does your spouse ever play with you? If so, what is your dynamic and how does it work for you?
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  7. BDSM Flogging & Drum Spanking

    BDSM Flogging & Drum Spanking

    So I was having a blast flogging my Sub until i decided to put down my flogger and play the drums on her huuuuge P.A.W.G azz with my open palm spanking. As you can see, i got lost in the zone & was stuck in a spanking💪💪💪
  8. blackbull4couple

    London UK based hetroflexible Bull seeks hotwife /cuck / stag-vixen couples

    Hi I'm a chilled experienced Bull with a varied background that includes both swinging and BDSM. My attention has been elsewhere for a few years but now I'm back and eager to build new friendships with a small handful of kinky friends in and around the London area.
  9. M

    Atlanta heterosexual black male

    I am a straight black male that lives in the Atlanta area. I am also a Dom with many years experience. I am a Swinger as well. I am interested in meeting single females and couples. I can host and can travel as well. SL
  10. B

    Alabama Roll Call??

    Curious to see how many couples are on here from Alabama? or from any surrounding states but like to travel here?
  11. ThisBull4U

    Bull in Lansing

    I'm a Bull looking for a cockold couple in the Lansing Michigan area.
  12. HardBody69

    Get Your Wife the Best Gift You Can ;) (LA or Travel)

    My profile has everything youll need to know. My area is a bit quiet on here.. I know I thought LA would be mad popular on this site. Anyways, if you're in the LA area or down to visit then you should do yourself a favor and hit me up. I love putting on a show. So make sure to bring your Wife...
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    Super hot pegging
  14. scorpionstate

    Couple looking in Midwest

    Open couple looking to experiment/have some interracial fun! Serious inquires only please feel free to message
  15. S

    Which do you prefer?

    I'm a switch but I know what happens when I test a Bull :sex:
  16. Bigbamboo

    BBC slut traing for wife/hotwife

    Are you a bit shy or reserved about the lifestyle? Do you want to play and have fun with less inhibitions or fear? Have you dreamed of bring out your inner slut? Female sexuallity is purely mental and with the right stimulation and guidance any hot wife or slut can reach peaks beyond their...
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  18. Do u like the curve?

    Do u like the curve?

  19. ThisBull4U

    I'm Back in Michigan!!!!

    I'm back in my home town and I'm trying to find a couple or single woman who is interested and is ready and want something that can be an ongoing thing. Yes I will be sending out messages to those in Michigan and surrounding States and Canada who's willing to come to the United States. So let's...