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    What would you choose? I want you to imagine I just had sex with another man. We had intense sex. I'm all sweaty, and the smell of his cock and his cum is all over my body. He came a lot on my ass cheeks. It's so thick and sticky. Would you clean it for me, or wear a chastity cage for a month?
  2. NicholeB

    No Cuck November

    Proposal: As we round out locktober, I feel as though this is a special time wherein cuckolds believe they are entitled to a treat. I propose that all of us non cuckolds, wives, single women and black men, stop speaking with any of the cucks on this or any other avenue. Let’s make December...
  3. W

    Show this Cuck What he is Denied

    Sitting here, my owned cock full of orgasm for mistress that she has yet to claim. Makes me feel so deprived and denied. So I'm steering into it... Just feeling a need to be reminded of the pussy that I want but cannot have. Points for pics of hot camel toe. Let me know: Is this as close to...
  4. A

    Normalizing making fun of small penis cucks.

  5. C

    Do other cucks and wives watch porn together?

    Hi all! Just interested if any other couples enjoy porn together also? We love watching BBC cuckold porn together, my wife and I find it hot how she sometimes only lets me look and not touch myself. (I’m limited to pictures and gifs only and denied videos) Feel free to post your stories and...
  6. C

    When was the last time you had penetration?

    Its been a couple of years since the cuckolding started. However, I find it more and more exciting to see my wife with a BBC and my cock locked up. It has been a year since I haven't had sex with my lovely wife. Well she had denied me for a year and I love it, and she doesn't mind me never...
  7. L

    She's finally satisfied

    She looked at me, her face contorted, he loomed behind my wife as his penis entered her for the first time. She gave me a look of pity, as if to say sorry, I'm so very sorry but this has changed everything. She was on all fours in front of him on our marital bed, he slowly pulled his huge...
  8. cucknh

    Searching for real cuckoldress or hotwife

    I am a tall man 1.83m and have 4 years experience in the cuckoldlife-style. My ex kept me in chastity and she only likes BBC. She has left me with her last black lover, so i am looking for a Lady who i can serve. Do you want more information don't hestitate to ask me. I am living in the Netherlands