1. Dance


    I like to tease, so would love to jerk off while dancing for you
  2. Bwc234

    Muslim wife moving her hips

    A bit of an old vid that Shanimeh made herself dancing in her tight dress right before we went to a wedding ! And as you can see, she can move her hips ! Enjoy y’all 😋
  3. Sensual & Seductive music

    Sensual & Seductive music

    A little Strip tease won’t hurt.. dating me is like having a private dancer
  4. The silhouette challenge

    The silhouette challenge

    Sexiest shadow I ever seen
  5. Sexy dance😍.mp4

    Sexy dance😍.mp4

  6. jewbro

    Going with girlfriend to dancing events? Kizz, Kizzomba?

    Does anyone have any success stories about these black and white dance events like Kizz, Kizzomba (in Europe mostly) ? I would like to go with my female friend and see how it goes and where it leads to. We're kind of in an open relationship and she is open-minded, talks about how we need to be...
  7. Sexy latina giving BBC a lapdance

    Sexy latina giving BBC a lapdance

    Sexy latina giving BBC a lapdance
  8. curiouscpl85

    Clubbing Tips for Newbie Couple

    Hi, We are newly exploring the fantasy of hotwife experience. Couples and ladies - any tips of what to wear, what other subtle signs/vibe to give off to attract BBC? Bulls - any tips on these points? Wife is shy when it comes to having conversations with strangers, but is physically expressive...
  9. J

    Looking for good interracial music videos

    Hi, I'm looking for good music videos with an interracial theme. I posted it in Q&A, but got no responses. Black men and white women. The white women can just be dancers, they can be the sex interests, or they can be dominated by the black men. One of the hottest I've ever seen is If You Want...
  10. J

    Best Interracial Mainstream Music Videos

    post deleted due to lack of responses.
  11. jamesdeez81

    Asian Hotwife Dance Tributes for BBC. Join the fun!

    I want to start a tik-tok style of dance contest here with anyone who wants to join. The rules are simple: 1) Post your dance video as a tribute to BBC and all of the lovely black gentleman out there watching. 2) The posted video with the most likes after 1 month wins! 3)Have Fun! #黑屌女王
  12. jamesdeez81

    Chinese Dancing Milfs

    Has anyone seen these videos of Chinese dancing milfs flooding youtube? What do you think of their dancing skills? Do you think they could learn how to dance better if they were able to learn from black men? I do.
  13. Twerky Booty :*

    Twerky Booty :*

  14. Big Cock Helicopter

    Big Cock Helicopter


    The best ass
  16. My wife pleased me with her ass's dance

    My wife pleased me with her ass's dance