1. King-Kong

    The creation of black bulls

    Not every black man is a bull or has a big cock, but alot of bulls are black. Why and what makes a bull? Obviously its part physical you have to have the body and the presence to make a women wet. But alot of people that enjoy the lifestyle dont realise the mental aspects of being a bull...
  2. Lutansizi


    I am a professional MASTER BBC well versed within the quarters of this lifestyle. My focal point being able to help New and Experienced couples Spice up, Enjoy, Live and mostly understand this lifestyle of Cuckoldry. Feel free to send me a private message with any inquiries and I'll be glad to...
  3. DaphneD

    Dear Gentlemen Cucks (A Message to You - Please Read).

    Cucks. It is respectfully requested that you refrain from posting anything to do with cuckolding, breeding, wanting to be cucked etc, in the 'NON CUCKOLD' threads/Forums. Please use the 'cuckold , extreme' threads that have been made for you to post. Daphne.
  4. fantasyspa

    Sri lanka welcome CUCKOLD couples and others

    Sri Lanka welcome Cuckold couples, HOUSE WIVES, Milfs , and girls if you want to spice your life. I am an individual who conduct a Bull service to facilitate A GOOD TIME WHILE YOU STAY IN Colombo OR Kandy SRI Lanka.. It is a very reasonable paid service and hope you will be very...
  5. Jack Ward

    Giving him tasks

    Weve expermented in power play and its enjoyable , pausuding my bf to clean my bulls car while we play ! A reasonable task. How would you respond cucks .
  6. ApexCode

    Whats the deal with "cuckolds" eating the other guys jizz out the girls pussy?

    Man to me that shit is nasty, and homosexual. if dudes are doin that shit then how they attracted to woman and still able to suck down man juice at the same time??? doesnt make sense The only thing i can gather from that is the guy eating the cum must be gay and wouldn't even care about...
  7. Whitebull70

    Stiller Bull sucht reiferes Cucki Paar im Raum 70

    Hallo Cuckold Freunde und Paare aus dem geilen wilden Südwesten, ich Single, ende 40, gut gebaut, ein stiller Genieser der anderartigen Erotik schau mich hier mal um nach attraktiven Paaren und heissen reiferen Damen die gerne den einen oder anderen Herrn noch in-petto haben wollen um zum...
  8. CuckoldCouple