cuckold training

  1. Mouthwatering Anticipation

    Mouthwatering Anticipation

    A husbands POV as he watches his beautiful wife drop to her knees and open her mouth in awe for that first taste
  2. SweBunnyCuck

    QoS education and cuckplay ideas?

    Hi! We are a couple where she likes BBC and he likes getting cucked and are into the whole BNWO and QoS thing. We are looking for ideas on rules and games to play, we don't have a bull yet. We are also looking for ways to educate and learn the wife how to act as a QoS at home, help har bring...
  3. A

    Another step

    Today I gave in and taken another inevitable step. Bought the meat locker fully encased chastity cage. It’s rubber and engulfs my penis and balls with little hoop at the tip and bottom of the ball sack. Cuckold journey feels nearer
  4. Sean1965

    Cuckold Training (Guide To Becoming A Cuck)

    Our couple has been practicing the cuckold lifestyle for several years. When we were just about to try thisidea, we decided to dare interracial cuckolding with bbc. The first time we just watched the section of interracial sex. And it was at time that the real idea of cuckold began to appear in...
  5. J

    Cucks who only Rub and tug

    Hey Cucks. We're all in the same boat and I was wondering how many other guys must masturbate before they go to bed and once they wake up? Also, only watch interracial porn.
  6. Grind on that BBC

    Grind on that BBC

  7. Mmm I love BBC

    Mmm I love BBC

    I had to just get em first ;)
  8. kingbreed77

    Cuckold training FOR HOTWIVES - socal - LA

    Black dom here - any hot wife in socal looking for a black cock to fuck and help train her cuck - no bi sexual play - cuck only watches - & get degraded & humiliated by wife -
  9. L

    Seems our potential bull hasn't wasted any time...

    Yesterday I posted explaining I thought my wife had been flirting with an old friend of mine that has turned up on the scene, and I had given him the green light to take it further... He didn't waste any time in doing so... I woke up to a text saying that he had text my wife last night to wish...
  10. L

    Handsome los angeles cuckold wannabe

    Hello, I'm 30 years old and I live in west los angeles. I'm a handsome man, I workout regularly, and I have a pretty nice job. I'd like to meet a woman who is interested in a hotwife/cuckold relationship. Ideally we would both be trained together, as a unit, by a black master. He will have...