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  1. A

    Bull4youngcouples marbella

    Hello All I'm 38 y/o in marbella for vacation.. looking for cuckold couples in same location to have fun ( very openminded couples)
  2. B

    Sex restrictions for cuckold husbands

    My wife and I have been in a cuckold relationship for a year now. The first bull is like a trial version. We did not practice something like that a cuckold not allowed to have sex with his wife. Now my wife has a lover younger than me, he has taken the leading role in sex with my wife. I've...
  3. STLSlutCuckCpl

    Persuading My Faithful Wife to Cuckold Me

    My wife Pamela and I have known each other for many years, we got married in college. Everything went on as usual, ordinary life, everyday moments and so on. We have always been a good husband and wife to each other. The sex was normal for many years. But then we wanted something unusual. We...
  4. T

    How to Cuckold Your Husband

    I have always been a free woman. I appreciate my beauty and body, and I believe that any husband should be proud and enjoy his wife. To be honest, even in college I was very fascinated by the topic of cuckold. I watched cuck porn and got so horny. I read a lot of information about this fetish. I...
  5. she's such a BBC slut for her husband.mp4

    she's such a BBC slut for her husband.mp4

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  6. Emily Cook


    I have read many cuckold husband stories. I want to tell my story. Becky and I were married for several years, the sex was normal. Then I began to notice that she somehow began to dress differently for work, began to look very hot, our sexchanged. Then I assumed that the wife was having sex...
  7. Brunette Hotwife Invites Her Bull Over.mp4

    Brunette Hotwife Invites Her Bull Over.mp4

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    Dick #7 and dick #8 for the night
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    Wanting to be blacked!

    So I’m really wanting to be blacked as I have never done it before and it is considered taboo. I’m looking for encouragement and motivation. I’m posting a pic and I’d love to hear some bbc feedback. Thanks!
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    How to describe to my wife she’s not cheating on me if I ask her to do it

    Ok so I want my wife to fuck a black guy for me so our marriage and sex life will be complete on my end shes satisfied just playing the role with her black dildo and has no desire to take a real on she thinks she will be cheating on me and that’s not ok with her and she doesn’t think I love her...
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    The Nestling.

    He stood just inside the door way, his eyes scanning the throng's of people hurrying about their business. Some seated at tables having a coffee or whatever before their trip's. Others queueing for their rides to begin their journey. Then there where the ones waiting for arrivals of loved...
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    Having fun making hubby watch
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    hello young woman of Algerian origin, 30, 1m70, 52 kg My husband is a wimp and he wants me to be blackened, I would like to discuss and receive recommendations dominant black men
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    Two cuck couples sharing

    One of my bucket list things is to be with another cuck couple as our wives are being used by several bulls. Both of us husbands in chastity together watching the Bulls do our wives while we stand together humiliated.
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    Black bulls, how would it be your reaction before this situation?

    Suppose that you're incorporated into a couple like lover. The cuckold husband calls you to go home. When you arrive at their home the husband tells you that he was trying to fuck his wife in doggy but he wasn't able to make her finish, so he asks you to fuck her (because he is sure that you'll...
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    Cuckold ? Do I have what it takes ?

    Married 20 years, so not getting much action, specially since I rarely satisfy my hotwife. I try, but with all my efforts and my, well, below than average penis, I just can't give her an orgasm by penetration. So I end up having to give her pleasure by eating her hairy pussy and make her cum...