1. Wanabecuck1985

    January 26th carribean cruise booked

    Hi, I still haven’t been able to convince my wife to cuck me although we have spoken about it and she has always said that she would try it on vacation as for discrection. Nxt January we are booked on a royal Caribbean cruise departing from Miami for 6 nights stopping in Haiti, Jamaica, Nassau...
  2. IMG_20240423_Cruise_014.jpg


    One more with a better view. Your choice? 👅 🐱or🐶
  3. IMG_20240423_Cruise_005.jpg


    Rainy day in the cruise cabin Waiting for you, door is open🤎...perfect for bone prone 🤤💞 (Sorry for the bad light condition- no pro 😉)
  4. All-Girls Cruise

    All-Girls Cruise

    When your gf , wife , favorite x freak goes on a “ all girls 👯‍♀️cruise “🛥️ just know I’m there making her all her lips 👄 smile . I told her what I do and gave her a outfit .She loved it .She danced for me then I took her back to my private cabin . She earned the outfit Your welcome.
  5. Dandbukcpl

    Orlando & Tampa Playcation With Cruise

    We fly to Florida on Thursday, staying initially at Caliente 4-7th. Then on Virgin Valiant Lady 7-13th from Miami Orlando Resort 13-21st NCL Epic 21-28th Jan. If there’s any decent guys looking for sexy U.K Hotwife, especially on the cruises above, we would love to hook up.
  6. Pgbbc4

    Carnival Celebration October29

    Looking to meet some friends! Traveling with older family.
  7. vacation cruise.jpg

    vacation cruise.jpg

    on the deck of our sex cruise
  8. Cruising Topless

    Cruising Topless

    Cancun Boobs Cruise: All the women take off their tops and they run them up the mast during the cruise.
  9. Cancun Boobs Cruise

    Cancun Boobs Cruise

    All the women take off their tops and they run them up the mast during the cruise.
  10. Tee Cee

    CRUISES - Anyone Here Like To Go On Cruises

    We always have enjoyed going on cruises and wondered how many of you have been - are planning now - or would like to go on a cruise? If you have BEEN - post any cruise pics you may like to share. If you are planning to cruise maybe we can take some pics TOGETHER on board the ship and in the...