1. Queen of spades representative

    Queen of spades representative

    Love this shirt
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  3. 99.jpg


    ooh get in my bed
  4. Funkybunny

    Leopard skin and snow bunnies. Ladies!!

    Ladies, my husband says that women who are really into leopard skin anything are more inclined to be snow bunnies or into black men. Since I absolutely love leopard skin. He tells me this often. So since we see so many ladies on here sporting leopard skin, is this true? Please share your thoughts.
  5. Pillowispa

    QOS clothing/jewellery: Getting noticed.

    Just want to know if men (black men) ever notice women (strangers) wearing any QOS clothing or jewellery (or tats) and, if you do, do you ever interract with them (say 'hi' or talk or more).
  6. Dressed to impress

    Dressed to impress

    My black daddy always tells me I can dress better. He was very excited when I bought this. PS: Follow my tumblr for more updates. Not many users on here!!! @Smackmybitchvp
  7. showingmyslut2

    Wife's New Shirt

    What do youbthink of the Mrs's new shirt? Heres the link to where we got it from, since I know you're gonna ask