chubby lover

  1. H

    Any Michigan Ladies

    I'm trying to have some fun
  2. S

    Does anybody else into big chubby black men? (BHM)

    I have a thing for big chubby black men. I love muscle/fit black guys as well, but big chubby black men with rarely large bellies turn me on. It does not matter to me if they have medium or small black cock, if they are large, I find them so hot and sexy. Sadly, this body type does not get the...
  3. Day Shaft

    Day Shaft

  4. Night Shaft

    Night Shaft

  5. hotmann

    Dear, I would like to know your experiences

    How did you get into this world( lifestyle , Marriage or open relationship, cuckolding) who started talking about this issue, the husband or the wife? How long does it take to be convinced? And how did the wife react after the cock in her pussy? ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
  6. Chubby latina slut gets bulldozed

    Chubby latina slut gets bulldozed

    Chubby latina gets pumped and dumped by black bull.
  7. Chubby girl loves BBC

    Chubby girl loves BBC

  8. Grzlylew

    Franklin area country boy..

    Hola! This is a check in from your new favorite bbw loving lumberjack(4real). I have have a hard spot for your soft ones. Do you like it in the woods? Or do you want to get caught?Doesn't matter what you think people think about you, I want you. . Inerested? Quarters fantasy come to mind..