1. SemperDominus

    Brainwashing Mind Fuck

    Your brain is clay, and my words are hands, so if you read past this point, know that I will change you. Something inside you will just click, like the first time you fell in love. Embedded in these words are messages from me speaking to your subconscious. Trust that I will see through the...
  2. A

    Post your interracial social media couples here (black-man-white-woman)

    Hey there! I recently discovered a new kind of 'kink' for me.. Like probably everyone else here, I love interracial porn. It goes without saying: especially scenes where hung black men fuck beautiful white women. I think all the porn conditioned or brainwashed me to be aroused, whenever I see a...

    So how do I make my hubby as crazy as me? lol

    Im just completely addicted to big black cocks now. Its the only thing I can think about and the most powerful craving ive ever have had in my whole life. Period. The question is, how do I make my hubby be as obsessive about it as I am? lol I would love for us to be a BBC couple and worship...