1. B

    How can I get my girlfriend into BBC without making it obvious?

    Hi everyone, We are a cute white couple in our 20s and have been together for a year now. What are some ways I can indirectly get my girlfriend into BBC?
  2. C

    Showing off my girlfriend

  3. J

    Interracial and hot pictures sent to your BF or husband on purpose

    Ladies, please share the pictures that has been sent to you hubby of boyfriend while you are either on a date or fucking your black lover. Pics that were either requested or not.
  4. SWM4bbcslut

    Noncuck - what he and/or the bull does to humiliate and dominate her?

    Such as call her names, scream at her, rough sex. Throw a drink on her? Also post pics of such. It's fantasy, like half the BS on this forum, Don't like it? don't do it & go elsewhere, the purpose of the thread isn't to argue about it.
  5. SWM4bbcslut

    When they are so glad she is screwing blacks...

    he gets a free car...
  6. Sucking her boyfriend's big cock.mp4

    Sucking her boyfriend's big cock.mp4

  7. N

    Hotwife looking for a good/regular BBC in Denver Colorado

    Would love to find a good man in Denver, or even a few of them. Met one person from here, but he only travels to Denver. Would love to find some good locals that can handle me on a regular basis!
  8. A

    24 yr old with a curious fantasy

    So this is a big step posting about it openly, dont know how it will go but here.. my gf and me r in the stage of dirty talk etc, we have had a 3 some one with a friend but it was just that. a threesome. we didnt know how hed react so it we kept it simple (he ddnt know we were together). i want...
  9. livedeath

    Asian bf, want stranger to seduce his asian gf to cuckold and IR

    Hi there! I'm 30 yo asian bf, want stranger to seduce and bring my 26yo asian gf to cheating on me and fuck another man. Simple words, into cuckold / IR. Any idea and suggestion? Thanks b4 Heres my asian gf body sample, what do you guys think? Is she deserves bbc?
  10. Bullntenn

    Thanks to all cucks, hubbies, and bfs

    I would like to give a huge Thanks to all the cucks, hubbies, and boyfriends and girlfriends who allow their partner, wife, etc to play with us Bulls and Studs.Thank you
  11. Tara's bf

    Couple looking for a regular

    Hi I'm Tara, and my bf Jim. We are a couple from Miami, Florida. We have been dating a while now and I have decided that I would like to try bbc. Jim is giving me the oppurtunity to try bbc. I decided to try bbc because a friend of mine had introduced me to a few one night when we were drinking...