black hands

  1. Ready to fill some holes

    Ready to fill some holes

  2. Bulls got things well in hand.

    Bulls got things well in hand.

    The grin on the mature bitches face says it all. She came collared, her QofS pendent prominently displayed and dressed for BBC; black fishnets, black boots and black knit top. It was obvious to all the Blacks she was there for them! Her pronounced mound was sure to get a work out!
  3. Tit Check!

    Tit Check!

    Bull likes what he sees and feels, obviously the mature white tramp is happy knowing her Man approves of her enormous 40d udders. They were made for Strong Black Hands to fondle, grope, pull, squeeze and pinch! Married Bulls need to savor white tits too.
  4. absharedwife

    Black hands holding White Ass

    :sex:Who doesn't love seeing a nice white ass gripped by strong Black hands:sex: