1. J

    Big Cock: 1 Day Changes Everything (Part 1)

    Black Cock: 1 Day Changes Everything 1. THE ACCIDENTAL MOMENT THAT STARTS EVERYTHING I called it my midlife crisis. My wife called it her sexual liberation. My Master called it my destiny. Regardless of how you labelled it, in the end I became a cocksucker, a bottom and eventually a cuckold. Now...
  2. bigchubybttm559

    Hello all

    Hi I am new here. I am a 100% total gay chubby sissy bottom. I'm here looking for straight black men. I do not like gay men. I've met to many gay "tops" who are actually bottoms or sissy themselves. They want to suck dick or have me fuck them??? I'm like your suppose to be the man? Lol. I've had...