bbc worship

  1. LordGerthVador

    Parading in Public ( Quiet Riot)

    I'm a people watcher and very much enjoy seeing ladies reactions to things. I decided to conduct a social experiment within a affluent mall/shopping area. In my observation ,early to mid week is the best time to find sexy milfs and single ladies out and about . The weekends are hit and miss ...
  2. SmoothBBC1


  3. Thick MILF worships

    Thick MILF worships

    Thick MILF worships
  4. BBC Worship  Compilation

    BBC Worship Compilation

    BBC Worship Compilation
  5. Worship my SUPREME BBC | Shower XXX | The wife DESTROYER

    Worship my SUPREME BBC | Shower XXX | The wife DESTROYER

    Im starting to love this site... Heres my big hard BBC waiting for someones gf or wife to drain me... Worship the SUPREME BBC... Are you truly giving in to your desires?
  6. Tattooed slut deepthroat blowjob

    Tattooed slut deepthroat blowjob

    Tattooed slut deepthroat blowjob
  7. 2004_0415Image0008.JPG


    BBC going balls deep.
  8. B

    White Diamonds | Black Cock

    My married spade sucking my BBC with the diamond band. BBC and hubby or wife can also share photos white women holding blk dick diamonds
  9. Snow Bunnies and BBC (3)

    Snow Bunnies and BBC (3)

    and more bbc worship!
  10. Snow Bunnies and BBC (1)

    Snow Bunnies and BBC (1)

    two snow bunnies worshiping bbc for the cam
  11. CuriousStr8Male

    What is Happening to Me?

    Hello B2W, I've read these stories and ads for a while but have decided to finally make an account and reach out to real people in hopes I find someone who's gone through what I'm going through. I'm a good looking, in shape, successful, charming white guy with a very above average dick (it's...
  12. I

    Shy, white, college boy wants to chat with Hung Black men, and learn how to be a good cuckold!!

    hi! 23y.o. closet cuckold perv.. I'm 6'0, 220lbs.... ex-college football player, good looking & likable. Life's good!!..except I have a Very below average-sized weenie Adderall & Caffine keep my less than modest dick soft 75-80% of the time. I am far from a virgin but I have never been able to...
  13. W

    Looking For BBC to Worship and be Addicted

    Hi, I'm new to this but would love to find a large BBC to take down and my throat and deeply penetrate my white boi pussy. I live in the milwaukee area but would be willing to drive to be a slave to the black meat. I want to be used and abused, gape my boi Pussy till it stays open. I love...
  14. Deeper


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  15. Great day

    Great day

  16. KaylaMpls08

    Obviously a BBC worshipper or not?

    Hi! So I feel like I saw a thread similar to this but I can't seem to find it so I thought I'd start a new one! If you saw me in my regular, day to day clothes out and about would you peg me as a BBC slut?? I often find myself fantasizing about the sexy black men I see on a daily basis just...
  17. C

    White "men" should be feminized, castrated

    I want to be an African bull sperm receptical. I wish I had been saved from my own pathetic attempts at sex with women. Yes I have always been told my cunilingus skills were exceptional, they had to be as I preferred sniffing her panties and wanking off. Of course I shot on penetration every...
  18. Jimsopen

    Pictures / videos of....

    white men and/or women groveling at or kissing the black masters feet ?