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  1. Sonofbrickzil

    Nashville Sunday night

    I’m going to be in Nashville Sunday evening/night. I’m an athletic fit clean bbc with stamina looking for local sexy white woman to have some fun with. You can find me on kik: blackstallion1286 or Snapchat: caa1992
  2. I think she likes it 😉

    I think she likes it 😉

    Her bf sent me this... Fun times!!!!
  3. Competing the task

    Competing the task

    She asked to be filled up, and she likes anal, so......
  4. Fucking a Hotwife to end 2019

    Fucking a Hotwife to end 2019

    Hubby sent me this pic. Said she wanted me to see how full I left her.
  5. Ass fucking

    Ass fucking

    Had the pleasure of meeting with this lovely milf for mom's Day. She loves having her ass fucked & filled, so I did.
  6. Creampie Filling

    Creampie Filling

    Another pic from this hotwife courtesy of her husband
  7. Freshly filled

    Freshly filled

    Had to leave her and him a gift for letting me enjoy such a beautiful woman
  8. Getting a little deeper to seed

    Getting a little deeper to seed

    Hubby getting that good view of his wife getting fucked
  9. Wet wet

    Wet wet

    Not the best angle, but that wetness and her moans make up for it
  10. 27c1a072-950b-4cf1-821a-62f70d37b202.mp4


    She wanted her hair pulled. It's always good to fulfill a request.
  11. Slow fuck.mp4

    Slow fuck.mp4

    Giving a slow steady fuck to a sexy hotwife
  12. Chatt Slim

    New to the Forums from Tn. What am I in For?

    I am from Tennessee I live in Las Vegas, but I am also back and forth a lot for business. I am very interested in the Cuckhold lifestyle and wanna see who will be my first experience.