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  1. Me and you baby,doing things…think about it 😉

    Me and you baby,doing things…think about it 😉

  2. 10inchbajandic

    10 inch bajan dick heading to Jacksonville

    I’m going to be in Jacksonville from the 4th to the 17th. Who wants to come and get some bbc with the stamina to fuck you all night and the loads to have you dripping cum on the ride back home😏
  3. " BobbyLongKong the pink pussy slayer "

    " BobbyLongKong the pink pussy slayer "

    Buffy had to retire when I pulled out my DICKstake and DICKstroyed her and her female enemies! Now the time has DICKstroy them ALL!!! And once I am done, I will transform into " B.L.K the IMPALER "!!!!! Vlad, I'm stealing your moniker..hahahahaha.. Prepare you cum sucking demons! I am...


    Need your buns stuffed with LOTS of extra meat? Don't wait in line.. MEAT me away from the grill and I'll make sure you're extra filled before it's all over with. ;)
  5. " Summer Sausage is SERVED "

    " Summer Sausage is SERVED "

    It's lovely out and hot..the perfect weather for BBQ & BBC for that outdoor lover who's all about good vibes, slut'tastic fun and FUCKTASTIC memories. Cum join the sextivities and taste all of Chicago's Finest DICKletactables.
  6. Longdongg

    Westcoast BBC

    Black business man into medical distribution/sales and Real estate with rental properties through out LA San Diego Vegas Scottsdale Dallas San Antonio Atlanta Miami And branching out to parts of Canada, I travel a lot and mostly too busy for something serious so I play on here time to time...