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  1. X

    [Looking for practical guidance] how to convince and set the rules to my girlfriend

    hello, i read many interesting post and articles and the guide on this forum also.
  2. V

    Looking for a longterm Bull / Guide - Beginner Couple from Europe M27 & F27

    Welcome fellow members! :) Me and my girlfriend are together since 2016, our relationship is great so far but I want to spice our sex-lifestyle up. Sometimes when we are having sex, we talk a lot about sharing her or how i would watch her get fucked by other men. I didn't really care about it...
  3. The Blacked Guide

    The Blacked Guide

    Looking for interracial couples to film fucking in NJ. Message me
  4. Wannabecuck1989

    Need a tutor guide me to convert gf

    As i said in the title i would love a personell tutor to guide me into getting my girlfriend to try bbc. I have alrady tried introducing a black dildo , that didnt go to plan and she said she didnt like the feel.. Out sex life has really slowed down to maybe 1 night a week so for the last month...