bare soles

  1. takeoff

    Love for soles

    Me, as a submissive cuckold husband, I'm in love with my wife's lovely soles. I can lick and kiss them for hours, especially while she enjoys sex with her bull. Do any other cuckolds have the same fetish about soles as I do?
  2. Those soft soles

    Those soft soles

    The silky soles give the best fj. She wants a big cock between them so her feet won't touch lol
  3. A year since her first

    A year since her first

    It's been a year since @Hereforthefunn got her first black dick. Just listen to how she likes to call me Daddy as I slide inside her white pussy.
  4. Dredeep

    Ass & Soles

    I love all parts of the female body but there is something about seeing a nice white ass in the air with pretty white soles showing. Just waiting to be dominated! Ladies. Upload your best ass and sole photos. Extra points for showing a nice poking pussy. Guys. Do you agree? UPDATED: New Photos...