amsterdam cuckold

  1. ircuckcplx

    Hi! New Couple.

    Hi all, We are a UK based couple relatively new to the lifestyle and are always on the look out for suitable BBC bulls around the Midlands. We will be in Amsterdam in about a month and are hoping to find a nice bull to have fun with while there too. Please get in touch if you can help :qos...
  2. B


    Hey everyone, I'm currently in Amsterdam for a little while and was wondering if anyone had an up to date list of good swingers clubs to visit? Or possibly and couples or women out here in the Amsterdam or Netherlands that want to spend some time and chill with a genuine UK bull get in touch...
  3. Lara Loreen

    Couple Look for Bull in Amsterdam

    we Want make a sextrip to Amsterdam and watch for a Black we can Stay for a Weekend and have some fun :) Interessed ?