50+ females

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    50 and Older Women Sexy Content

    Where are all of our sex 50+ women up here? Show us what you've got! Whether its a sexy picture, cleaning in a bathrobe, or just taking bbc, we want to see!
  2. DD38n8


    Being all of the above curious as to what the preference is on here!
  3. S


    Than a 50+ hotwife enjoying a BBC? What do you folks think? I like men 40-60 years old, strong, dark and thick. Also, very fond of a very hot blond woman to have some fun with! Are there any others out there who feel the same? Let's create a great and sexy thread. Please post pictures of 50+...
  4. mad for it

    First time

    To all mature female 50+ how was your first experience with BBC and husbands reaction after watching...