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  1. YoungCouple734

    Thank You! Where are you located? PM us....

    Thank You! Where are you located? PM us....
  2. YoungCouple734

    Hosting in Detroit this Sunday or Monday

    Will be staying downtown this Sunday and Monday. Would love to find someone for her. Pics are in our thread. If you are available for drinks and possibly more (up to her) those days please email us with pics,stats, info. Youngcouple734@yahoo.com If all goes well we can host in our room.
  3. YoungCouple734

    My Girl

    been a while. 2 newer ones.
  4. YoungCouple734

    BBC in Detroit

    Been a while. We browse CL but it's flooded with creeps so we figured we would try here again. Anyone have any suggestions of clubs or experienced BBC in or around Metro Detroit? We would like a little convo. first and set something up in a hotel. It would be her first time. Thanks for any...
  5. YoungCouple734

    State your state

  6. YoungCouple734

    My Girl

    Been way too long. Here are the 3 newest pics we have. You can see how wet she got just discussing me watching her with another guy via text. We plan on being more active, our schedules have been hectic.
  7. YoungCouple734

    My Girl

    Just snapped these.
  8. YoungCouple734

    My Girl

    Thanks here is a few more. Will get a proof pic up soon as well.
  9. YoungCouple734

    Any guys near Detroit

    Any guys in or around the Detroit area we'd love to hear from you. New to this so experience is a +
  10. YoungCouple734

    My Girl

    She loves when I show her off and loves reading comments.
  11. YoungCouple734

    Young Couple in Metro Detroit

    Not sure how much luck we'll have on here but she is looking for guys in the Detroit area to talk with and if you click, meet up. We are very real and new to the game.
  12. YoungCouple734

    Looking for fun in the Metro Detroit area!

    Looking for fun in the Metro Detroit area!